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About the Digitizing Method
Digitizing is a very unique process. It consists of many different aspects that are very different from traditional artwork. This process requires the artist to map out the needles start/stop points, directions, thread color, what technique to sew, and much more. It requires skill, creativity, and understanding. (Not to mention special equipment and training.) A Stitch or Two has a well trained staff and a creative background. You will be impressed with our work. Although embroidery files are interchangeable, one digitizers style may be very different from the next. If you already have an embroidery file, it is subject to analysis before proceeding with the job.

Digitizing Basics
The price quoted for digitizing is based on many factors like stitch count, complexity of design, colors, and size. The process starts with the artist interpreting the design, considering garment type, color, size, and staying true to the artist style. Then, after the programming takes place, many attempts are made sewing it out. After adjusting the file to sew properly and efficiently, the final sew out is ready for your approval. Now you can express your opinions about the sew out and we will adjust it if necessary.

The Digitized File
Once we have your file completed we keep it on hand for future reorders. We do not however give this file out. A Stitch or Two maintains legal rights over this file but not over your logo or image. We will not use it, whole or any part of it for another persons file.


Getting a Quote for Digitizing
In order for us to give you a fair price on digitizing we will need to see your artwork. Please
email your logo to us for a quote.

Here is the original design a customer had done at another shop.


This is the artwork that they sent us to have digitized.


After a few changes at the customers request this is what we provided the customer with.





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